Breakfast at Piato, McMahons Point

It’s only fitting that my first official blog post be about my favourite meal to eat out.  Breakfast.

This morning we ventured five minutes down the road to Piato Restaurant at McMahon’s Point.  I’m led to believe that this is the family restaurant of George Houvardas, a.k.a Carbo from Packed to the Rafters. (Old news, I know.)

It was a lovely, sun-shiny day and therefore a lovely day to sit outside and watch the passersby on Blues Point Road.

We started with two strong flat whites as we mulled over the menu. The coffees came out quickly and lived up to our fussy strong-coffee-drinker standards.

The menu had plenty to choose from and was pretty reasonably priced, especially considering the area. My only disappointment was $8 for fresh squeezed juice which I was so craving but couldn’t justify.

Despite the Mediterranean inspired menu items, I went classic and ordered the big breakfast ($18.50). I ordered “Piato Beans” instead of bacon (they were more than happy to do this at no extra charge – unlike a few places we’ve been to recently) and requested my eggs poached. Unfortunately I forgot to ask for my eggs to be just set (again) because I’ve developed an aversion to super runny eggs, particularly runny egg whites.  Nevertheless, my breakfast was delicious and the portion was extremely generous.

Everything was extremely flavoursome, from the herbed tomatoes to the Piato beans which were rich and sweet and cooked just right. My chipolatas were also exactly the way they should be – crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and not at all fatty.  Hidden beneath the toast was a generous pile of button mushrooms.

Boyfriend also ordered the big breakfast with scrambled eggs, no replacements.

Boyfriend said “yum” at least nine times as well as “we should definitely come back here”, so that’s definitely a good sign.  And I do concur – there’s a haloumi omelette with my name on it.

Taste rating: 8/10
Value rating: 8/10
Service rating: 8/10

Would I go back? For sure.

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