Breakfast at The Boathouse, Palm Beach

One sunny Sunday, Boyfriend and I took a drive to the beautiful Palm Beach to have brunch at The Boathouse.

I’d been wanting to check out The Boathouse for ages after having eaten at their sister cafe The Armchair Collective.

(Side note: First of all, who could go past a place with a name as cool as “The Armchair Collective”? And second of all, what girl could refuse a shop-cum-cafe? (Or cafe-cum-shop, if you like). The Armchair Collective is also an interior design store filled with beautiful homewares, lamps and armchairs.  It’s a win-win situation. In my opinion, definitely worth a visit.  The Armchair Collective probably deserves an entire blog post of its own but I’ll have to go back and take new photos as the menu has changed since I last went.)

Anyway! As I was saying. We drove to The Boathouse for brunch.

The Boathouse, situated right on the water in Palm Beach, beckons you to come on in with a path leading straight to its doors. Picnic tables dot the grassy lawn out the front and inside are bundles of fresh cut flowers and shelves lined with food and jars of boiled lollies, all for sale.

The furniture consists of timber picnic tables and benches and bright coloured deckchairs.  You’ll also find sun umbrellas and potted plants and it’s obvious here that attention to detail is everything.  The result is a relaxed and casual-trendy atmosphere.

It was a gorgeous day so we took a table outside overlooking the water.

Unfortunately in winter, sunny doesn’t mean warm so we had to relocate to spot up on the balcony. If you’re going to the Boathouse in winter or on a windy day, make sure you wear a few layers. And possibly gloves and a beanie.

We started our breakfast, as usual, with a strong flat white.

For food we ordered two different things and decided to share.

We had the breakfast tart – “baked eggs, heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, pesto wrapped in grilled zucchini” ($8).

It was beautiful and light, not overly heavy like some breakfast tarts are, and it was extremely flavoury. The balsamic glaze was a welcome addition.

We also had “green eggs and ham” which were “poached eggs, leg ham, heirloom tomatoes on thick cut crusty sourdough topped with basil pesto” ($20).

Our green eggs and ham were also delicious with beautiful grilled ham and roasted tomatoes.  The pesto very tasty and there was just the right amount – not too much so that it was overpowering and not so little that there was not enough to enjoy with every bite.

The two dishes complemented each other perfectly and left us just the right amount of full.

The location of The Boathouse set us up for a stroll across the beach to top off a wonderful morning.

Would I go back?  I’ll definitely be back to try their very tempting lunch menu.

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