Fig and Goat’s Cheese Tart

In one of my last blog posts I said that I was a sucker for cheese.   So in the spirit of cheese, here is something I made with my mum as part of a three course birthday dinner the other night.

This tart is relatively easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious.

Take a round baking dish (approximately 25cm) and line it with shortcrust pastry.

Jab the pastry all over with a fork to prevent it puffing up and going all weird in the oven.

Then, blind bake it at 180 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.

In the meantime, fill a bowl with about 150 grams of goats cheese, 200 grams of ricotta, a good handful of parmesan and three eggs.  You don’t need to be meticulous with these measurements. I like to whack it all in a bowl, give or take, particularly when it comes to the cheese. Because, as you know, I love cheese.

Season with salt and pepper and then beat all the ingredients together until they are smooth. It doesn’t have to be SUPER smooth, because, by nature, goats cheese and ricotta are both quite lumpy.

Then stir through about a tablespoon of chopped rosemary.

And now for the figs.

The recipe I based this tart on called for fresh figs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our hands on fresh ones so we used a packet of spiced baby figs. I sliced them into small pieces and arranged them around the top of the tart so that when the tart was sliced, every piece would have some.

Then, I baked it in the oven for exactly 30 minutes.  You can gauge this by the colour of the tart.  When ours had slightly browned on top we knew that it was done.

The result was absolutely delicious.  I was quite surprised at how light and fluffy this tart was.  Like eating airy, flavoury cheese with a crispy base and fig topping.  It wasn’t heavy like some quiches can be and made for a perfect entree.

Definitely dinner party material.

We got all chefy and served it up on a plate with a small pile of mixed leaves and splashed balsamic glaze across the plate.  Looked quite professional if I do say so myself!

Would I make it again? What a dumb question.