Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

On Sunday morning we got up early to go for breakfast at Three Blue Ducks in Bronte.  I know I just said early and Sunday morning in the same sentence, but when it comes to food there’s no such thing as too early. And we’d heard that it can be impossible getting a table at Three Blue Ducks so we didn’t want to miss out.

We drove straight to Bronte Beach, parked the car and as we walked along the strip of cafes facing the water it became clear that Three Blue Ducks wasn’t where we thought it was.

After a quick consultation with Google Maps, we jumped back in the car, raced up the road and found the actual location of Three Blue Ducks. Fortunately, we got a table straight away.

The waitress that greeted us at the door was super friendly and showed us both sides of the restaurant (Three Blue Ducks is split in half). The bar side turned out to be full so we settled down at a table on the kitchen side.

Almost every other table was full and outside the kerb was teeming with people waiting for takeaway food and coffee. Looks like we’d arrived just in time!

Why is Three Blue Ducks so popular?

We were about to find out.

We started with our coffees and some freshly made juice.

The coffee, strong and creamy, received our seal of approval. We were off to a good start.

The juice, a combination of watermelon, apple and orange, came in a cute glass (always a plus) and tasted amazing. It was deliciously fresh, cool and smooth. The slight texture of the juice was a dead giveaway that this juice had just been freshly made using nothing but fruit.

We deliberated over the menu and had to ask the waitress for “one more minute” more than once as we spent a considerable amount of time umming and ahhing. The bircher muesli had been highly recommended to me but the thought of departing from my usual savoury favourite of beans (which came with coddled eggs and chorizo) was causing me stress.

Fortunately, Boyfriend decided to order the coddled eggs which meant that I could order the muesli and we’d have the best of both worlds.

The bircher muesli exceeded expectations. It was INCREDIBLE. It came with an array of fresh fruit, toasted almonds, berry compote and Greek yogurt and tasted divine. Even without the accompaniments, the bircher muesli was extremely flavoursome. The grated apple, mixed through the oats, created bursts of freshness with each bite. Combining the muesli with the yogurt, compote and fresh fruit meant spoonfuls of breakfast heaven.

The coddled eggs were equally delicious. Neither of us had tried coddled eggs before but I’ve been meaning to for ages now.  Coddled eggs, in case you don’t know, are eggs that have been gently cooked either in their shells in near boiling water or cooked in an egg coddler (Note to self: must buy egg coddler).  They came out super glossy and looked as though they were runny but when we cut into them they were much more set than we expected (just how I like them).

The chorizo and cannellini beans, slightly spicy and full of flavour, were served beneath the eggs. They came with a side of almost breakfast bruschetta – toasted sourdough with roasted tomatoes, basil and red onion. This wasn’t on the menu so we weren’t even sure we’d be getting regular toast let alone a delicious and substantial side dish. I love it when there’s extras on the plate that weren’t on the menu. Bonus food! What’s not to love?

The bill came out quite reasonable for two delicious and filling breakfasts, juice and coffee. Service was also great.

Would I go again? Of course – I still haven’t tried their lunch or dinner!


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