Breakfast at Ripples, Chowder Bay

There’s something about the water. It has a kind of soothing, happiness-inducing effect.

So when a restaurant is situated with views out across the water, you’re almost guaranteed a relaxing, enjoyable meal (provided the food is delicious, of course).

One restaurant we go to for both the view and the delicious breakfast is Ripples in Chowder Bay

Ripples at Chowder Bay is a pretty popular breakfast spot so it’s best to make a booking.

We arrived at 10am one cool and cloudy Sunday morning. We were seated right away by friendly staff and promptly followed our usual routine of ordering our usual coffees and picking out whatever took our fancy from the menu.

And then something wonderful happened.

I tried french toast for the first time.

I wish I’d done it sooner.

Dare I say it, I think I like french toast even better than pancakes.

The brioche french toast at Ripples (with strawberries and mascarpone ($14)) was phenomenal.  The toast pieces were slightly crispy on outside and light and fluffy on the inside.  Both the mascarpone and the macerated strawberries were sweet and delicious.

The combination of french toast, maple syrup, strawberries and mascarpone was heavenly.

Boyfriend ordered an old favourite, eggs Benedict with ham ($15). We’ve been on the search for the best eggs Benedict ever since the restaurant that served our favourite in Sydney closed down several years ago (RIP Beaches).

The Ripples eggs Benedict was a worthy competitor, with perfectly made hollandaise sauce, a sprinkling of chives and salty shaved ham.

All in all, it’s a fairy reasonably priced breakfast restaurant considering the service was great, the food delicious and the view always a pleasure.


Would I go back? Of course.

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