Blood Orange with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

As part of my Father’s Day lunch the weekend before last, I decided to make these gorgeous blood orange segments dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. I saw them over here on the Hungry Australian blog and was so intrigued by the flavour combination that I knew I had to try them.

Not only that, but they looked so pretty – how could I not!

These make a really great dessert canape or something small and light and sweet to enjoy after dinner.  The gorgeous colours of the blood orange contrasted with the dark chocolate make these visually stunning and impressive – dinner party worthy, I think.

I followed the lead of The Hungry Australian and lined a tray with baking paper. I peeled a blood orange (two, in fact) and laid the segments out over the tray.

I melted approximately 150 grams of Cadbury dark chocolate in the microwave.

I dipped the orange segments into the melted chocolate and placed them back on the baking tray. To finish it off, I sprinkled sea salt over the chocolate. Unfortunately, I didn’t have sea salt flakes like The Hungry Australian, but ground sea salt worked just as well.

My photos aren’t as pretty as the Hungry Australian’s and my segments a little bit messier but they certainly tasted amazing. The flavour combination of juicy blood orange, bitter dark chocolate and sea salt is something you definitely should try. They went down a treat around the table and there wasn’t a single one left over!

Would I make these again? Definitely.