Sushi Train, Cremorne

So by now it’s no secret that I love food.  The more of it the better.

No surprise then, that I’m a big fan of all-you-can-eat buffets, banquets and of course, sushi trains.

What is better than food coming at you continuously on a conveyer belt?

I love the variety of sushi train, the way you can eat as soon as you sit down and eat as much as you want for as long as you like.

The thing that gets me about sushi train – every time – is the large volumes of young children that are happy scoffing down Japanese delicacies.  Like the three year old sitting beside me this one time, putting me to shame by demanding more raw eel.

When I was a small child it was all about McDonalds, sausage rolls and party pies.

One of my favourite sushi trains is the always reliable, aptly named Sushi Train located on Military Road in Cremorne.  It’s not the cheapest Sushi Train I’ve been to but not the most expensive either. And it is always delicious and fresh and has a great variety of dishes.

The interior consists of dark walls, low lighting and bright pink cherry blossoms.  Both individual seats and booths line the conveyer belt so there is seating to suit various sized parties – from individuals and couples to larger groups.

The chefs work in the middle so you can watch them while you eat and they are always happy to prepare things for you fresh.  No eating cold-off-the-train gyoza here! Unless you want to of course.

My most recent trip to Sushi Train was a deliciously satisfying evening with so many enticing dishes taunting me from around the conveyer belt all night long. Well, for an hour or so anyway.

Salmon Belly ($5.50). This dish was for Boyfriend, because I don’t eat salmon.

Crunchy Roll ($4.50). This roll is so delicious with chicken, fresh cucumber and it’s own special sauce.  The topping of panko bread crumbs adds a delicious crunch to the dish and it just works.

You might be thinking that corn is an unusual addition to a sushi roll and maybe it is, but this Corn Ship ($3.50) tastes incredible.  Corn is one of my favourite vegetables and in this context, it doesn’t disappoint. The corn kernels give a burst of freshness with each bite.

Another ship, the Lobster Ship ($3.50) is another favourite. Giant mouthfuls of deliciousness.

My absolute favourite dish at Sushi Train, and the one that I come back for, is the Vegetable Karaage ($4.00).  Don’t ask me why this tastes so good – it just does. One plate is never enough.

Plain udon ($8.80). Always a winner.

You know how people have comfort food? The food that gives you that warm-hug-from-mum feeling? For me, for some unknown reason, it’s miso soup. If I’m ever sad, please bring me some miso soup.

Miso Soup ($2.50).

Would I go again? Dumb question.

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