Loaf and Devotion, Sydney CBD

Catching up with a friend for lunch is one of those things that makes the working week more bearable.

One of my good friends works in an office nearby and we try to meet for lunch every week to catch up on gossip and life in general. We like to hop around the different cafes between our offices in the CBD and discover what Sydney offers in the way of lunch.

Our most recent lunch was at Loaf & Devotion located at Shop 1, 57-59 York St Sydney. I couldn’t find a website but you can find Loaf & Devotion here and here.

Loaf & Devotion offers a range of fresh sandwiches and I had trouble narrowing down my choices. The pulled pork with coleslaw was incredibly tempting but in the end I settled on the pesto chicken (sans avocado).

My sandwich was so flavoursome, the bread was fresh and the portion very generous.

My friend ordered the chicken parmigiana.

She told me it tasted really good, that the bread was nice and the parmigiana sauce tasted homemade.Β  The only drawback was that it fell apart and she couldn’t eat it like a sandwich. Definitely an eat-in with knife and fork kind of sandwich.

I can’t remember the exact pricing of our sandwiches but they were somewhere around the $9/$10 mark which is pretty standard for a sandwich in the city.

This is a great cafe to stop by for lunch if you work in the area. The staff was friendly and the service was quick making it ideal for our one-hour lunch break.

Would I go again? Definitely.

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