Lunch at Smokey O’s Market Stall

Recently I cam across Miss Piggy’s blog post on the farmers markets at Rouse Hill.  I don’t live particularly close to Rouse Hill but the second I saw that there was a market stall selling pulled pork rolls I knew I had to go.

So on Saturday morning, Boyfriend and I got into the car, plugged in the iPod and began the drive to Rouse Hill in quest of a pulled pork roll from Smokey O’s BBQ.

Let me tell you. It was SO worth it.

Boyfriend and I each got a pulled pork roll ($8 each) and we shared a serving of Smokey O’s other specialty, slow smoked baby back ribs (also $8).

We were in barbeque heaven.

The pulled pork, according to Smokey O’s blog, is smoked for 12 hours over red gum. The result is juicy, delicious and smokey-flavoured pork that literally melts in your mouth.  It’s served with deliciously fresh and crunchy homemade coleslaw and barbeque sauce which has also been made by Tim, barbequing aficionado, using a range of fresh ingredients including a few secret herbs and spices he wouldn’t disclose.  The final cherry on the cake was the soft, fresh bun that didn’t dominate the overall flavour and textures of the roll.

I’m going to say it. This was the best pulled pork roll we’ve had outside New Orleans.

The ribs were also ridiculously delicious, and I’ve never been a rib kind of person before now.

The meat, smokey and so flavoursome, fell right off the bone.

The Rouse Hill Farmers Markets take place every Saturday from 8am to 1pm and Smokey O’s are there every week. If you live in the area you should definitely stop by. Or even if you don’t live in the area, it’s totally worth the drive.

Would I go again? Oh, yeah.