Chinta Ria – Temple of Love, Cockle Bay

The other week I finally got around to trying the Malaysian restaurant Chinta Ria, Temple of Love.

There’s also Chinta Ria, Mood for Love located in Sydney Westfield.

Chinta Ria, Temple of Love is located in Cockle Bay.

The inside of Chinta Ria is awesome. It’s like you’re stepping into another country.  It really felt like we were on holidays together in South East Asia with the sun finally setting outside surrounded by the smell of burning incense.  The restaraunt is complete with Asian wall hangings, colourful bowls, retro chairs and the biggest Buddha I have ever seen (excluding Tian Tan Buddha, that giant Buddha I visited in Hong Kong a couple of years ago).

Malaysian food isn’t something I eat all that often, but from my limited Malaysian food eating experience, Chinta Ria certainly delivered.

For entree we shared “Parker’s Gems” – which are described on their menu as “bite sized pieces of minced chicken blended with potatoes, coriander, silver thread noodles and special spices – lightly battered then snap fried” ($8.60, 4 per serve).

We also shared some “Golden Browns” – which are “fresh wonton pastry filled with minced chicken, water chestnuts, black fungus and spring onions, snap fried” ($7.00, 4 per serve). These were also very tasty.

For mains we shared several dishes with a side of roti ($4.90) and steamed rice.

We had the “Hey Tango Chicken” ($23) which was probably my favourite dish of the night. It was
“chicken fillets brushed with egg white, lightly battered, drizzled with a tangy blend of plum, lemon and sugar sauce”.  It was very yummy and very moreish.

We also had the Beef Rendang ($24) which probably needs no introduction.  The beef was falling apart, melt-in-your-mouth and the sauce was amazing.

Our last main was a noodle dish. I’m sorry but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was and the dishes on the menu aren’t sounding right. Perhaps it was a special? All I know is that it involved vermicelli-style noodles, chickens, prawn and was 100% delicious.

All this food left us incredibly full. We probably could have done without one of the mains – there was so much to go around.

The waitstaff was incredibly friendly and the service times were perfect.

Would I go again? Definitely.

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