Eveleigh Farmers Markets – Lunch and Breakfast and a Million Free Samples

On Saturday morning (a couple of Saturdays ago now) Boyfriend and I decided it was time we finally visited Eveleigh Markets.  Even my parents had been and raved about Eveleigh Markets.

The final push came when we discovered that Eveleigh Markets was home to a Billy Kwong stall.

So we headed off towards Carriageworks where Eveleigh Markets is held every Saturday.  We haven’t been to that area a whole lot so we ended up slightly lost along the way.  My fault. Naturally.

Eveleigh Markets is a mecca of fresh produce and food stalls with everything from baked goods to homemade lemonade.

You can just imagine my excitement.

Our plan was to go for breakfast, wander around and then have lunch. Which we did. Of course this meant we had lunch about 11am and had to eat again later anyway, but it was totally worth it.

We stopped in at the Toby’s Estate stall first for two double shot flat whites. Can’t function before coffee. Strong coffee.


The Toby’s Estate stall also had a range of scrumptious looking baked goods that unfortunately we didn’t get to try. There’s always next time!


Next we ordered a “Crooked Madam” from the Bird Cow Fish stall. I thought Boyfriend had a really embarrassing French accent until I read the sign and saw that it wasn’t actually “croque madame”.

I was pretty excited about the Bird Cow Fish stall cause I missed out on going to the restaurant.

Our Crooked Madam (bacon, egg, cheese, BCF barbeque sauce and mustard) was freaking delicious.



Bird Cow Fish had a whole bunch of other stuff that looked equally delicious.  Unfortunately there was too much food and too little room (I get what I like to call “Banquet Anxiety” when there’s so much food around me. I psych myself out.). I’m just going to have to go back another time.

We then wandered around sampling everything within our grasp – biscuits, yogurt, steak, chorizo, juice, etcetera, etcetera.  Free samples are my thing. I LOVE free samples. Boyfriend and I used to look forward to Saturday mornings when the local butcher had sausage samples outside the store.

The only thing I didn’t like was a savoury muffin stuffed with so much dill I almost died. After a bad experience with dill-laden potato salad several years ago I haven’t been able to go near it since.

Everything else was so good though and I was able to quickly stuff my mouth with something else to get rid of the dill taste.

We bought a Hawaiian punch drink concoction thing which was super refreshing – all lemony and pineapple like.  Then we bought a lime and coconut syrup cake to take home and eat later. Which we did.  With a cup of tea like a pair of nannas (or grandpas in Boyfriend’s case). This syrup cake was so good we wished we’d bought two.

We also bought a whole stack of fresh vegetables to take home for my mum who was holding a BBQ that night. Baby heirloom carrots (such a pretty vegetable), eggplants and cherry tomatoes.  And a big fat loaf of sourdough bread. It weighed well over a kilo. Like, literally. I weighed it for a recipe we were using.

Finally, we decided we had space in our bellies for lunch and wandered over to the Billy Kwong stall.

Excitement reigned when we saw none other than the Kylie Kwong herself behind the stall. Didn’t get a photo of Kylie.  I’m not that creepy.  Sure did get photos of the food though.


We saw a lot of people eating the Steamed Pancakes you can see on the sign here but we were a little too full for that by this stage so instead we shared a little bowl of steamed pork dumplings.  Who am I kidding? We were always going to get the Billy Kwong dumplings no matter what.

I have to say, they were uber delicious and pretty up there on our list of Best Dumplings Ever.


We also shared a pork bun which, at $8 a pop, has to be the most expensive pork bun in the world. Thank god it was delicious.


Mm mmm check out that pork.


All in all it was a great excursion and I’d definitely recommend paying the Eveleigh Farmers Markets a visit. I’d love to stop in at their Artisans’ Arts and Craft Market too.

Would I go again? Of course.