Club Sandwiches at Cafe Berlin and a Little Surprise

Gahhhhh.  I wrote this ENTIRE POST and then just when I was saving it, WordPress decided to wipe the entire thing clean. All of it. All gone. Irretrievably.

Not cool, WordPress. Not cool.

Anyway. I’ll try and rewrite what I had as best as I can remember in between my fits of rage.


So basically, what I was saying was that, as you know, it’s rare for Boyfriend and I to visit the same place twice.  Because we like to try new things and all.

An exception to the rule is Cafe Berlin in Balmain. We’ve been there for their club sandwiches at least once a year every year for the past four or five years.  We’re no experts when it comes to club sandwiches, but as far as we’re concerned, these are the best club sandwiches in Sydney.

Cafe Berlin is a bright and airy cafe and it’s almost always full every time we go there.


They serve a lot more than club sandwiches and I’m sure that everything is equally delicious, we just can’t bring ourselves to not order the club.

They have a whole cabinet full of delicious looking goodies that make me wish I was still hungry every time I go up to pay the bill.

They also do homemade pies which I’m surprised we haven’t gone to try yet. Maybe next time. If we can refrain from ordering the club sandwich.



We stretch past the club sandwich by ordering a Coke Zero and a vanilla milkshake. Crazy, I know.

We only ordered one milkshake to share (can’t go too crazy). Boyfriend told me off for drinking more than my fair share.

For the record, I didn’t.

Delicious milkshake by the way.


Now, here it is. The club sandwich.

The club sandwich at Cafe Berlin has just the right amount of everything: chicken, egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo (although it had a little bit too much mayo for me this time around).

It’s served on the edges of a square plate playing fortress to a big fat pile of hot chips.

The team at Berlin also had the clever idea of jamming toothpicks into each quarter to hold it all together.



Sometimes a simple-yet-elaborate sandwich with a big side of fries is just what the doctor ordered.

Would I  go back? You know it.

Cafe Berlin on Urbanspoon

Now, about that surprise I mentioned.

I apologise in advance that it’s not food related at all…


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