Spiedo, Westfield Sydney

On Saturday, Boyfriend and I went to try Spiedo, the Italian restaurant on Level 6 of Westfield Sydney.

We’re slowly, slowly ticking all the restaurants on Level 6 off our list.

Spiedo is tucked in one corner of Level 6 and is airy and open plan.


The first thing I noticed when I sat down was the cute candles on the tables. The jars are filled with macaroni.  How cute! Not to mention, how appropriate for an Italian restaurant. image

In my opinion, Boyfriend and I had the best seat in the house. We had the perfect view of the chefs working in the kitchen. We watched, mesmorised, as they worked together perfectly plating up dishes as though the whole thing was choreographed.  It was very impressive how efficiently they worked together. I can’t even put food on a plate that efficiently on my own.



Not only did we have the perfect view of the chefs working in the kitchen, if we looked up we could see Centrepoint Tower (or whatever it’s called these days) towering above us.


Deciding what to order off the menu, as usual, proved to be a difficult task.  It was really tough deciding what we felt like the most and whether we had enough room for two entrees and two mains or whether we should get two entrees and two entree-sized pastas or… you get the idea.

In the end we decided on one entree and two mains.  Ultimately, this was probably the right call as we were stuffed by the end but we did have serious regret watching these big plates of beautiful bruschetta pass us by.

For starters, we ordered bresaola which was topped with rocket, parmesan and lemon dressing ($14.00).

This was incredibly tasty. The bresaola was salty and flavoursome and worked perfectly with the rocket, parmesan and lemon dressing.  It was also the perfect way to start a meal – not too heavy or filling.


For mains, we ordered a couple of pastas to share.

The first was “maccheroni granchio, zafferano e piselli”.  Translation: “maccheroni, crab, saffron, green peas” ($24.00).

I have a few things to say about this dish.

First of all, Boyfriend and I were seriously disappointed when this dish arrived looking more like penne than macaroni.  As it turns out, (confirmed by a quick Google search) MACCHERONI is not the same as MACARONI.  Maccheroni is indeed the shape that arrived in front of us.  You learn something new everyday.  The specificness of  the Italians when it comes to types and shapes of pasta is something I find to be very interesting.

Secondly, this pasta was delicious.  There was a lot of crab in this dish which always pleases me.  The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the saffron.  Saffron is a very strong flavour and I just can’t decide if I like it.


Our second pasta, (assuming gnocchi falls within the pasta genre) was “gnocchi al cinghiale e maggiorana” a.k.a “gnocchi, wild boar ragout, marjoram” ($24.00).

Neither of us had eaten wild boar before so we decided to be adventurous and try something new.  I was slightly concerned about eating wild boar, with strong visuals of Pumbaa from the Lion King playing in my head, but it turns out that wild boar is delicious.  I think it’s closer to the taste of beef than the taste of pork and it’s similar in colour.  The flavour wasn’t overpowering or anything like that, at least not in this context.

The gnocchi itself was light and pillow-y just like gnocchi should be.

This was probably my favourite dish of the evening.


By the end we were so full, there was no way we could squeeze in dessert. Oh well, there’s always next time!

Would I go back? Yes! There are many other dishes I wouldn’t mind trying!

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