Le Pub

This post is a ridiculously long time coming.  Like, ridiculous.  As in I went to Le Pub BEFORE CHRISTMAS and it’s taken me that long to get around to writing about it. Not because Le Pub was nothing special, quite the opposite, but because I’ve just been so busy.

As it turns out, it’s lucky I waited because since then I’ve been back to Le Pub a second time and this time I ordered dessert. Which is definitely worth writing home about.


Le Pub.

Right before Christmas Boyfriend and I caught up with a good friend of mine from Canberra and her boyfriend.  Being the Sydney-siders and all, it was up to Boyfriend and I to choose a venue.  I’d read about a new place in the city, just six weeks old back then, called Le Pub.  Le Pub is a French-themed underground pub.  Accordingly, the interior is inspired by the Paris Metro.


The food, of course, is also inspired by the French with a number of French-pub style dishes to choose from.

We started with the Leb Pub Bread Bucket & French Butter ($8) which came with a generous assortment of bread including olive bread, fruit bread and plain bread.  I tried a bit of everything and each different kind of bread was incredibly delicious.  The fruit bread was a pleasant surprise so make sure you try this one if you go.


We each ordered a steak.  My friend and I ordered the Steak Frites – 200 grams of rump steak ($20) while both boys ordered the L’Entrecote – 220 grams of scotch fillet.  Each steak came with a choice of sauce (well the boys substituted the Cafe de Paris which came with their meal) and a side of chips.

I chose mushroom sauce for mine (on the side) and Boyfriend had pepper sauce.  I tried both sauces and they were both super tasty.

When looking at my steak upon arrival I was concerned that it wasn’t going to be big enough to satisfy my levels of hunger. It was, however, surprisingly filling.  It was also the best steak I’ve ever eaten in Sydney.  So incredibly tender and delicious.  My knife slid straight through it, the meat melted in your mouth and there wasn’t one bit of fat or sinew on it anywhere.



The second time I went was for a work lunch. I was tempted to try the award winning  Pie Au Boeuf  Bourguignon ($22), aka Beef Bourguignon Pie, but caved at the last minute and re-ordered the steak.  Unfortunately this time round I was a little disappointed as my steak arrived REALLY rare. Which just isn’t my cup of tea. Because we were in a big group I guess they just got the orders muddled. Never mind!

We had the bread again (just as good as I remembered) and we also ordered the Paris Mash ($9) (on you-must-try-the-Paris-mash instructions from a friend of a colleague) just so we all could try it.  It was pretty good but you could definitely tell that there was a lot of butter mixed through those potatoes!

For dessert I ordered a “Pots De Creme” – Honey Pots De Creme with Almond Praline ($16) not entirely knowing idea what it was.  I just couldn’t go past past something referred to as a “Honey Pot”.

It turned out to be a creme brulee baked custard type of dessert (without the crispy top) served in a ramekin.  It also turned out to be absolutely delicious.  It was so creamy and sweet and delicious with a strong hint of honey all the way through.  The almond praline was also exceptional and a mouthful of each at the same time was to die for.




Would I go again? I have to go back for the award winning pie!

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