Buffalo Dining Club, Darlinghurst

Literally over a year ago I went to Buffalo Dining Club with a friend from work.  Ever since, Boyfriend and I have been meaning to go together.  We finally got around to it a couple of Friday nights ago.

Buffalo Dining Club is located in Darlinghurst and, if the “Buffalo” didn’t clue you in, their thing is mozzarella.  The idea of a mozzarella bar had me almost crying tears of joy beforehand.

I’d loved it the last time I went and was curious as to how it would go a year later when surely all the hype had died down.  Buffalo was just as busy as the first time I went and the food this time round didn’t disappoint at all.

Buffalo Dining Club is the kind of the place that could potentially come across as kinda pretentious but the waitstaff are so lovely you instantly feel welcome.  It’s quite small with little tables and stools across two levels and doesn’t take bookings. The earlier you arrive on a Friday night the better.

Luckily, we’re seated upstairs right away by a very friendly waiter where we mulled over the blackboard menu.  It becomes clear very quickly exactly what we want to order.

We started with some burrata which came with a choice of two sides as well as some bread ($19).  We chose the potato croquettes and the honey baby carrots.  The burrata was light and creamy and so fresh and delicious.  The creamy middle oozed instantly as soon as Boyfriend slid his knife through it.  Both the baby carrots and potato croquettes were great choices – perfectly cooked and so flavoursome.


We also ordered some bresaola ($15), my current favourite cured meat.  It was served with rocket, shaved parmesan and olive oil.  Thinking about how good this bresaola was is making me want it all over again. Right now.


Next up, we couldn’t go past the spaghetti cacio e pepe ($17) which is served right out of a giant wheel of pecorino cheese. The waiter spins the spaghetti with his tongs in the wheel, picking up flecks of cheese as he goes, and then serves it up on the table. It’s fun to watch and is also exceptionally delicious. It’s a simple dish with very few ingredients; some fresh herbs, a lot of pepper and a lot cheese (in fact, cacio e pepe translates to cheese and pepper).  Apparently a very popular dish in Italy and it’s so easy to see why. It just works.

Excuse my action shots – they’re a little dark. But you get the idea.




Mm-mmm. Have I mentioned spaghetti is my favourite kind of pasta? I could eat it everyday. Especially if it’s served up like this:


We also ordered the ricotta gnocchi ($17) which is served in a beautiful, rich tomato and basil sauce.  The gnocchi are light and pillowy, the way good gnocchi should be.


We left full and very happy. Sadly too full to walk around the corner to indulge in some Gelato Messina, but there’s always next time.

Would I go again? Absolutely.

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