Four Frogs Creperie, Mosman

Hello everyone! So, five days ago ALL YOU DO IS EAT turned one year old!

Wow that year went fast! My first year of blogging was a super fun year filled with plenty of delicious food. If you asked me to pinpoint some highlights, I’d struggle but I guess if you forced me, here’s what I’d say:

– Dining at the home of Annabel Langbein

– Dining at Palings Kitchen and Bar with the likes of other food bloggers including Simon (Simon’s Food Favourites), Christina (Mr and Mrs Romance) and Alvin (Cinnamon Pig and Masterchef).

– Road trips to Bowral (which required two posts – one here and one here) and Nowra to eat at scrumptious places such as Wharf Rd Restaurant.

– Cooking (and eating) delicious dishes including some personal faves: caramelised onion goats cheese tarts, cake pops, zucchetti, French inspired antipasto and banana and maple syrup cupcakes with maple buttercream and sugared pecans.

What better way to celebrate than with a sweet dessert post?

Recently Boyfriend and I checked out Four Frogs Creperie, the newest place to hit Mosman. Four Frogs is a little, um, creperie which has been opened up by four French men, who saw an opening for traditional French galettes and crepes in Sydney. And I’m sure glad they did.

Crepes, specifically dessert crepes, are up there with my favourite things. My mum makes a mean lemon and sugar crepe (which she hasn’t done for a while. This is a hint Mum, if you’re reading this) and I’ve also had some delicious, authentic crepes in the magical city of Paris itself, standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower. I have photos to prove it but I’m not posting them here.

The crepes we ate at the Four Frogs Creperie definitely met up to these high crepe standards. They were everything I hoped they’d be.

The menu consists of an extensive selection of galettes (savoury crepes) and crepes (sweet crepes), with offerings of cider, which is apparently what real French people drink with their crepes. Boyfriend and I headed over after dinner at a local restaurant for dessert.

We were seated right away and left to mull over the menu.


The restaurant is very cute, very vintage-country-French, all black and red and white with their ingredients on display in jars and crates and bowls.


The chefs (cooks? four frogs?) wear black berets (tres cute!) and work right out in the open so you can watch their expert crepe-making while you wait.


We each chose a dessert crepe and went halves so we could try them both.

The first crepe we chose was a crepe from the special’s board – lemon jam and whipped cream.


The crepe itself was soft and light, absolutely the way you want a crepe to be and the lemon jam was just the right amount of sweet and tart. This was a delicious fancy twist on the classic lemon crepe.

Next up, we had the strawberry and nutella crepe.



Mm-mmm. This crepe was also light and delicious (though a tiny bit burnt around the edges, if we’re being picky) and the nutella and strawberries were as expected – so good!

Four Frogs give you the option of double or single crepes. We opted for single for both and it was lucky we did – the crepes were very generous in size. There’s no way we could have fit in anymore, especially after dinner.

The bill came to just under $20 which is reasonable, I guess, for two fancy (and very large) crepes.

Would I go again? Certainement!

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