Caprese Salad

This is probably going to be the quickest blog post in All You Do Is Eat History. Because this recipe will take you like TWO minutes.

Way back in July (I told you I’ve been busy!) my dad requested Caprese Salad as part of his birthday dinner, which is that classic Italian combination of mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil. A menage a trois made in heaven.

As I helped my mum prepare the dinner, I was left in charge of the Caprese so I got a bit inventive with the presentation. I’m calling it my Caprese Salad Sideways Stack.


All you need to do is take a tomato, and slice it into even slices, about half a centimetre wide. Then, take a ball of bocconcini (not baby bocconcini), and slice that into similar sized slices. Place a slice of the mozzarella in between the tomato slices, and then arrange it as though you were putting the tomato back together. It should stand up on its own. You can help it out by angling the end pieces slightly so they are leaning inwards.

Then, take a small handful of basil (which you’ll have shredded) and sprinkle it over the top.

Then finish it off with some cracked black pepper and drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And that’s it! So quick, so easy, so delicious.


Would I make it again? Of course.

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