Rhys Barrington | Private Chef

Going back a few weeks now, Boyfriend and I were invited to the home of Rhys Barrington.

Rhys Barrington is a young chef recently located from Sydney to New Zealand. After working in various restaurants, Rhys has decided to step out on his own and do his own thing. To launch himself as a private chef he needed a website. To set up a website he needed photos of his food to showcase on his site.

That’s where we came in.

No, not to cook the food or even to help out in the kitchen but to do what we do best. Eat.

We were unsure of what to expect, but went along anyway and we were both blown away by Rhys’s food. Everything he cooked for us was phenomenal. Each dish was made up of carefully thought out components that were all expertly prepared and put together to make a complete and amazing dish. I could gush for hours about how good every single element of each dish was, but I’m going to let my photos do the talking.

Whole Roasted Trout with carrot, fennel and herb salad; carrot puree and yogurt












Australian lamb with green olive tapenade, feta, barley salad and white anchovies






The barley salad…



Braised pineapple with lime granita, coconut panna cotta, black sesame and palm sugar caramel


Roasted apple, poached and peeled grapes, hazelnut ice-cream and brown butter oat crumble



Brown oat crumble…


The food was so good, I am still daydreaming about it. I honestly couldn’t pinpoint a favourite dish because they were all amazing. But if you made me pick a standout component it’s a toss up between the barley salad and the green olive tapenade – I could have eaten buckets of both of those. 

I asked Rhys for the recipe for the barley salad, which he was so kind to give me. I made it for two barbecues in a row and it was well received at both. He’s also kindly given me permission to post it on my blog so you can make it too. Stay tuned!

Oh, and his website, which is now live, can be viewed here.

So, what does this “private chef” thing actually mean?

It means that Rhys is available to cook for your private functions. Your home, your guests, your menu. Custom-designed and cooked for you. This means you can serve up fine dining dishes (we’re talking dishes that are exceptionally delicious and impressively presented) to your friends, family or colleagues without even having to go grocery shopping.

Rhys Barrington Domestic Master Chef Masterclasses

In addition to cooking for your dinner parties and functions, Rhys is also hosting a series of Domestic Masterchef Masterclasses. These are intimate events with just 16 spots available, where Rhys will prepare a three course dinner in front of his audience. He’ll teach you how along the way with plenty of tips and tricks as well as presentation advice. Then, of course, you’ll get to eat the meal and drink some matching wine. All in all that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, which is why I’m heading along (as a paying customer) to Rhys’s first Master Class taking place in November. I cannot wait to see what Rhys has in store and to try more of his incredible food. For more information on the event or to secure your spot (get in quick), the event page is here.


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