Big Bite on Pitt

I might be late to this party, but I’m glad I finally made it.

Just last week, a friend from work introduced me to the legend that is Big Bite. A tiny sandwich shop in an alley off Pitt Street which serves sandwiches the size of your face. Or possibly even bigger, depending on your face. I’m not even joking. Look at the size of the sandwich compared to my hands.


That was like half a roll of aluminum foil right there.

I accompanied said Work Friend to Big Bite, just to keep him company as I’d brought my lunch from home. The line when we got there went right down the corridor. Apparently the line is always like this at lunchtime and if you arrive too late you might miss out – that’s how fresh the ingredients are. The line moved pretty quickly though and before we knew it, we were heading back to the office with the biggest sandwich I’d ever seen.

After taking a bite out of Work Friend’s sandwich, I messaged Boyfriend pretty much straight away and told him we’d have to try Big Bite for ourselves. So today that’s just what we did. We arrived at around 12.30 and got really lucky. The queue wasn’t crazy when we got there and we even managed to score a seat at one of the few tables out the front.

The Big Bite menu has plenty of filling options with two bread choices: brown or white. Both Vienna. You could also opt for a “plate” (no bread) or a wrap.

I chose the Roasted Vegetable sandwich, Work Friend’s favourite. It’s pretty much two of my favourite sandwiches in one: salad AND roasted vegetable. In addition to roasted zucchini, sweet potato and potato, there was also lettuce and fresh tomato. And cheese. And herbed lemon mayo. And basil oil. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also asked for beetroot to be added to my sandwich. Because I love beetroot a lot.



I’m not going to lie. This was a very messy sandwich. But it was also a very delicious and very filling sandwich. For $10 you sure get a lot of food. It’s all fresh and good quality too. Not to mention, the bread was soft and very tasty.

Boyfriend ordered the Lemon Pepper Chicken. Lemon pepper chicken with lettuce, tomato, herbed lemon mayo and basil oil. Boyfriend also ordered bonus cheese. Equally ginormous and equally delicious.



I took a peek over at the people on the table next to us and their sandwiches (one was definitely beef, I couldn’t quite see the other one) looked amazing too.

If you work in the city (Big Bite is only open Monday to Friday sadly), I highly recommend you pay Big Bite a visit. It’s cheap, fresh and delicious, and relatively quick depending on the line. Don’t be scared off by it though – it moves pretty fast and it’s worth it. As I mentioned, there aren’t a lot of tables so it’s not the kind of place you go expecting to sit down. Grab a sandwich to eat back at your desk or on a park bench over in Hyde Park if it’s a nice sunny day. And if you have a small appetite, take a friend who also has a small appetite and share a sandwich. Or challenge yourself to finishing an enormous sandwich.

Would I go again? Big Bite certainly hasn’t seen the last of me, my friends.

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