N2 Extreme Gelato

N2 Extreme Gelato has been on my to-do list for a while now. Like, possibly over a year.

I’d almost forgotten about it until a few weeks ago a friend at work told me he’d been the night before. As he told me about the flavours they’d had (earl grey crème brulee and something else) my response was: “ohmygodletsgosometime”. His response was: “sure, let’s go at 1.30.”

I hadn’t expected us to literally go that day, but I went along with it anyway. We rounded up some other colleagues and we headed down to N2 Gelato on our lunch break. And boy was I glad I did.

N2 Extreme Gelato is awesome. It is literally made-to-order gelato. Once you place your order they whip it up for you in mixers with liquid nitrogen.

Flavours change regularly (check their website!) so I’ve been saving this blog post up until I could showcase a few of the different flavours I’ve tried.

The first time we went it was Halloween so the flavours were Halloween-inspired. The place was decked out all Halloween-like too.




Aside from one person (who ordered the Sourcream Chocolate), we all ordered the Deconstructed Jam Donut.


What is that, you ask? Donut and cinnamon gelato with homemade strawberry jam in a syringe. The idea is that you inject the jam into your ice cream. And it was amazing.

Call me a giant kid, but I loved the novelty of the whole thing. Novelty aside, the gelato was absolutely delicious.


The next time we went, we ordered the Dill Dough.

This one was cookie dough gelato (the dough part) and a pickled cucumber (the dill part). I was a bit apprehensive about the pickled cucumber but it was just stuck in the side so it’s not like it ruined the cookie dough goodness. And actually, as we walked over to a table, the pickled cucumber fell from the gelato and died a horrible death. So we didn’t actually get to eat it anyway.


What remained was, as expected, so tasty. The gelato was super smooth and the cookie dough was sweet and – best of all – plentiful.

On my third visit, last Friday night, I went with Boyfriend and we got Gimme S’mores. This was Sour cream Chocolate gelato, with biscuit crumbs and a Cointreau-soaked marshmallow. They even lit the marshmallow on fire for the authentic toasted marshmallow taste.




Boyfriend doesn’t like marshmallows (weirdo), so the marshmallow on top was all mine. And it was delicious. The gelato was also delicious – quite possibly the smoothest chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. The sour cream wasn’t an overpowering taste and the gelato was perfectly chocolatey. Like the other two flavours I’ve had, I was very happy with this choice.

N2 Extreme Gelato comes in one size only. According to their board, two scoops aren’t necessary. Standard flavours are $6.00 and the more premium ones (i.e. every flavour featured above) are $8.00. It’s pretty pricey as far as ice cream goes and you do have to wait a while (especially if there’s a crowd), but for made-to-order gelato that’s a bit different I reckon it’s worth it, at least once.


Would I go again? I’m planning on it.
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