Breakfast Quesadilla – Scrambled Eggs, Goats Cheese and Corn

Today’s post is a guest post by Boyfriend. Boyfriend is an especially good cook and I was lucky enough to have him make me a delicious breakfast on the weekend. It was just delicious and I totally recommend you make it for yourself, especially if you love corn and goats cheese as much as we do.


This dish was inspired by the delicious breakfast mountain wrap we ate at Bloom in Mosman a few weeks ago (review pending). Our version, which is slightly different, was very quick and easy to make.



What you need (if you’re cooking for two):

4 eggs
Salt and pepper
A good handful of corn (1 cob will be plenty if you’re using fresh, or 1 small can if you’re going tinned)
A tablespoon or so of goats cheese (as much or as little as you like, really)
Two Mexican tortillas

What you do:

  1. Start by getting everything ready and preparing all of your ingredients. Put a non stick pan on a medium low heat, and turn on your sandwich press. If you don’t have a sandwich press you will need a separate frypan. Crack 4 eggs into a bowl with a little salt and pepper and a good glug of milk. Drain your corn (if using tinned), or if using fresh corn slice the kernels directly from the cob. If you’re using fresh corn you might like to steam it a bit first. Get two large tortillas and set them aside.
  2. When your pan starts to warm up place a knob of butter in and let it melt. (Alternatively, you can use olive oil.) When the butter has started to melt and is foaming slightly, pour your eggs in. The secret to smooth, silky eggs is to keep the heat low, not over work them, and to gently push the runny egg into the middle of the pan and let the runny egg fall to the outside of the pan, which is similar to making an omelette.
  3. When your eggs are ¾ set, add your corn in, stir once more then take them off the heat. You want the eggs to still be slightly runny, as they will cook further when they are placed in the sandwich press.
  4. Lay the two tortillas out on a chopping board that is large enough to lay them down so that they don’t overlap. Divide the eggs into two, and spoon one half on to each quesadilla. Ensure that the mixture only covers half the tortilla, as the other half needs to be folded over the top. Crumble goats cheese over the top of the eggs (as much or as little as you like, we like a lot), then fold the other half over.
  5. Place a sheet of aluminium foil on the bottom of your sandwich press, and place the quesadillas on the foil. Put the lid down, making sure you don’t press down too hard. When the goats cheese is slightly melted and the top is browned, it is ready to eat!


We served ours with ready-made tomato relish, however they would be nice served with a bit of pico de gallo if you have some, and a squeeze of lime.


The combination of the smooth silky eggs, the sweet corn, the tangy goats cheese all wrapped up in a crispy tortilla was absolutely delicious. It was super easy to make and only took about 10 minutes all up.

If you’re bored of bacon and eggs and want to try something a bit different for breakfast (vegetarian too!) then definitely give them a try.


Would I eat it again? Absolutely


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