Who Am I?

I’m the sometimes cook and the always eater.

I’m the girl who answers the question “what did you do on the weekend?” with “I went out for BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER”.Β  As in, on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

I’m the girl at the office who potters around the kitchen at lunchtime and always asks “what have you got for lunch?”Β  The girl whose ears prick up at the mention of food and demands “WHICH RESTAURANT DID YOU GO TO?” when someone says they went out for dinner.

I’m the girl who can go out for breakfast and still be hungry at lunchtime.

I’m the girl who has been ridiculed for constantly taking photos of food (mostly by my mother).

It’s no surprise then, that I’ve heard people say “ALL YOU DO IS EAT” perhaps one time too many.

To those people I say whatever and thank you for inspiring my blog.

Here I take my obsession with food and tuck it all into the same place for other food lovers to enjoy.

These opinions are my own and I make it my business to always be honest in my reviews.

Please note: this is blog PEO. Positive Experiences Only. If I don’t like or wouldn’t personally recommend a restaurant, cafe, bar or product you won’t find it on my blog.

If you would like me to review your restaurant or products, or if you have any enquiries, requests or suggestions for my blog please contact me here.